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* Residential Architecture: H House by Budapesti Muhely

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 2 December 2012

H House by Budapesti Muhely

Residential Architecture: H House by Budapesti Muhely: “..hungarian practice budapesti muhely has recently completed ‘H house’, a barn residence along the edge of a forest in the town of sóskút, outside of budapest, hungary. returning to the central european peasant architecture, the dwelling also accounts for the strict building codes which require a traditional gabled roof and materials. the form of a peasant longhouse was reinterpreted and modularized into a 12 square meter units. defined by the family’s needs, the grid’s size allows two rows of the modules with one half for rooms and the other half for circulation and smaller spaces including bathrooms and storage..adding an element of asymmetry, one of the modules opens to an overhead attic space while 2 other modules are removed to create outdoor terraces with the timber framework exposed to view. a columnless porch sheltered with a deep eave border the forest-facing elevation forms a large gathering space while the visible wooden structure along the entry facade can be used as a car park or multi-function area for large feasts. metal sheets surface the truncated ends while wood shingles surface the roof and long sides of the home..”  Ample glazing, natural light; interesting interpretation of vernacular form..

image: © tamas bujnovszky; article: Designboom

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