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* Residential Architecture: Summer House in Naxos by Phoebe Giannisi & Kotionis Zissis

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Summer House in Naxos by Phoebe Giannisi & Kotionis Zissis

Residential Architecture: Summer House in Naxos by Phoebe Giannisi & Kotionis Zissis: “..In plot rocky slope of 9.000m2, with the sea to the west, 280m2 built area vacation home in French family of five and each of the guests..The building rests on the sloping ground building scalable two bars. One houses the public and other private areas (bedrooms, bathrooms). The interface is organized outdoor area with swimming pool, which is the center of summer life on an island..Local or entered a perimeter wall / fence, limiting the indwelling and leave the rest of the land as part of the landscape intact..A ladder 3.10 m wide installation enters the building with a central movement from side to side, the ritual takes visitors from the parking lot to the building, divided into pass under the outdoor terrace infiltration and private parts to come out in the open with sea views. The volume scale amphitheater arrangement creates the shared terrace overlooking the sea to the west. This space was the first accommodation space and / abode of visitors during construction of the project..The interiors are all through the light and air for maximum cooling of the building during the summer months. The roofs are planted and the building becomes part of the landscape. The openings on the sides with a strong rhythmic alternation reflect their rational structure and arrangement parataktiki of spaces within the building. The configurations of the interiors done with minimal equipment mastering house environmental expertise in the activities of life..”  Marvelous site; interesting form, interior volumes; indoor / outdoor sensibility; green roof; and a somewhat confusing architects’ description..

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image: Courtesy of Phoebe Giannisi & Kotionis Zissis; article: “Summer House in Naxos / Phoebe Giannisi & Kotionis Zissis” 11 Dec 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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