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* Residential Architecture: Beranda House by Schmidt Arquitectos

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 16 December 2012

Beranda House by Schmidt Arquitectos

Residential Architecture: Beranda House by Schmidt Arquitectos: “..facing the pacific ocean from a steep dune in beranda, chile, the ‘beranda house’ by local practice schmidt arquitectos takes advantage of the unique site conditions to create a large open home on the sea. due to the unstable soil conditions, the home is anchored in three concrete retaining walls that safely support the house while emerging above ground and creating a large shell wrapping the main program. the residence can be considered as a sequence through the site, starting from the road and ending at the water’s edge, where the circulation cuts and weaves down the slope through a variety of media, offering different spaces along the way. maintaining a low roof line, the user is first greeted by a natural stone masonry mass in the form of a wedge. the first set of stairs immerses the visitor into a solid wedge-shaped structure surrounded by local plants along the topography. crossing a glass wall threshold supported by natural wooden columns reveals a large continuous, double-height space where concrete, steel, wood, stone and glass come together in a lively mix, pointing attention to the western facade occupied by the blue waters. two triple-height atria bring natural light into all levels. rhythmic glulam beams are supported by a massive central reinforced girder. interior steps on a timber floor lead to a wood deck from the lower level containing all the bedrooms, ramping down to a last set of stairs embedded into the landscape finally reaching the shoreline..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, ocean views; interesting form, fenestration, materiality and interior volumes and details; exposed wood beams; steep site..

image: courtesy of schmidt arquitectos; article: Designboom

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