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* Residential Architecture: HG House by Agraz Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 17 December 2012

HG House by Agraz Architects

Residential Architecture: HG House by Agraz Architects: “..A family where male presence dominates; four sons, the mom and dad. That is the criterion from which emerges the HG House program. Parking spaces and service areas are located at a lower level of the house, while the house entrance and a reception area are located on a higher floor plan..Then comes one of the most interesting places of the project: dining room, terrace and family room in only one definitive un-partitioned space. Laterally, the kitchen separated from the space previously described by the stairs coming from the basement..Thus, the person who enters the house from the garage reaches the same place as the one who enters from the front door..In the second level there is a studio designed for the children, giving them independence from the common areas..Next to the studio, there is a pair of rooms for two men, with bathroom, dressing room, and access to a terrace, which aims to be a meeting point among brothers. Meanwhile, privileged orientation is for the master bedroom, which seizes the head of the house..The master bedroom is divided into a shared bathroom and dressing rooms for each member of the couple, gathered through a patio generator of light..Volumetrically, the house has a set of bodies that produce harmonious shadings throughout the day. The proposal itself is based on an intermediate level as a sustaining plaque of the big cube that surrounds the place..”  Interesting form, some interesting details; indoor / outdoor sensibility; questionable interior decoration..

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image: © Mito Covarrubias; article: “HG House / Agraz Architects” 16 Dec 2012. ArchDaily.  <;


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