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* Residential Architecture: House FF by Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 10 January 2013

House FF by Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos

Residential Architecture: House FF by Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos: “..The House FF is located in Nordelta, , Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Is a single-family house project which was designed from its orientation and environmental characteristics..A structural system that would fully release the ground floor was developed, achieving total flexibility and connecting the inside with the outside..The design of the structure consists of two building frames and two main beams where part of the upper floor is hanged allowing a span between columns of 12 meters..The house achieves its maximum relation to the outside through a sliding woodworking that integrates the living room with 48 square meter semi-covered gallery, the pool and the garden..The exposed concrete ceiling plastically unifies the space, while the wood flooring translates vertically on the wall, including a fireplace that organizes the living room. Such use of materials gives the amplitude space and fluidity..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, indoor / outdoor sensibility; interesting interior volumes and details..

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image: © Quiroga Carrafa; article: “House FF / Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos” 02 Jan 2013. ArchDaily.


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