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* Residential Architecture: One Patio House by Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 12 January 2013

One Patio House by Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos

Residential Architecture: One Patio House by Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos: “..In an area of 12.5 meters by 40 meters deep, lies the House Un Patio. The strategy was to release the full first floor and enclosed structure to achieve a spatial extent and prospects up to 40 meters deep..This program is separated into two parts, leaving the first floor common programs and second floor all private programs. The common and unique concerns and extends into a yard drive, covered by the same house, as well as to a patio garden and sunny. The roof and shadow over the central courtyard and drive home, was designed for the climate of Santiago where the winter is cold and heavy rain but sporadically and for summer and hot blazing sun..First floor, 2 are constructed of reinforced concrete structural axes that make up the volume of living / dining / kitchen and a third as the separation of the house to the street. All shafts ranging from mediator to mediator and on them rests the metal structure that contains the rest of the house..The second floor is arranged with the bedrooms on the ends to be seen and the rest of the precincts are lit and ventilated by skylights also give a spaciousness. This, to relate only to the drilling of the stairs to the first floor, keeps inside air-conditioned, independent if the windows are wide open down..The service, at the end of the ground, separated from the house to not interfere with the activities that may be happening in it. Over time, vegetation cover sharecroppers always managing a relationship with the idea of land released for the garden..STRUCTURE APPROACH: The project approach from the structure, it’s understood at the moment that the different spaces or programs, require a long span space..Then, the element that resolves the structure, eventually becomes the expression of the building. The reticulated steel beams, allow these long span space, but more important than that, carry all the loads to the supports of the borders and thereby release the vertical structure of the entire plant..The structure itself is given a new use, either for habitation or to generate ventilation and lighting. In terms of construction, prefabricated elements can significantly reduce the work time..Plans for the new dining room for Iron Mountain and the house a patio, relate from this concept: Unlocking the ground floor level to allow the necessary activities and take advantage of the height of the beams programs to incorporate livable inside..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; interesting form, materiality, interior volumes; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

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image: © Aryeh Kornfeld; article: “One Patio House / Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos” 17 Nov 2012. ArchDaily.>


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