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* Residential Architecture: Sloped Semi-Cantilever House by Grido Architektura

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sloped Semi-Cantilever House by Grido Architektura

Residential Architecture: Sloped Semi-Cantilever House by Grido Architektura: “..designed by czech practice grido architektura & design for a private client, the 5+1 room detached house is located in the residential area of a small town close to Prague, Czech Republic. its narrow and sloping site shapes the building as the form gently follows the contours of the slope in order to maximize the connection of interior with exterior..the rooms of the home are lined up along the north edge of the site is like stringing beads on an imaginary axis of circulation passing through all of the interior spaces. every space – every bead – represents a member of the family living in, their cohesion and individuality at the same time, their freedom and the right for privacy. each room has its own volume, height, color, texture and scent and all that provides a unique position in the hierarchy of family. the living and dining are central, with the highest ceilings tightly connected to the garden..the other rooms are arranged alongside forming a shape bent at the ends. timber frame construction is covered by the metal cladding protecting the north facade, as the south is open and articulated, offering an active zone. the building skin is rough and protective from the outside but smooth and warm inside..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; interesting interior volumes and details..

image: © juraj kovac; article: Designboom

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