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* Residential Architecture: Caburé House by Nómade Architects

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Caburé House by Nómade Architects

Residential Architecture: Caburé House by Nómade Architects: “..This single-family housing project of 130 m² is located in the ecological place Los Huemules, at 10 km from the town of El Chalten in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. Nature was the protagonist when designing the place. The house follows the scale of the forest as well as the forest participates within the common areas. The house has a light footfall, as it is raised 45cm from the natural 0.00, thus trying to avoid a violent encounter between the natural and the artificial..The house is located in an enclosed space, which accepts the spatial flexibility required in order to have comfortable areas. The design shows a clear separation between public and private spaces, each with its relevant constraints. The simple resolution plan provides a fluid space between the main spaces of everyday use..This contemporary house is warm and traditional and has wood and metal cladding. The facades don’t compromise the overall harmony of the composition. There is a volumetric effort to maintain an horizontal scale by creating a link between the large space below the natural foliage of the beech and the house..The traditional wooden construction system on a concrete slab provided fast materialization and safe housing. The chosen materials solve the desired isolation from weather and also provide the spatial and textural warmth..Upon request and interest of the designers the house responds to environmental awareness. The wood used for construction is certified ensuring the preservation of forests, which was treated with burned oil for protection and durability. The road leading to the house seeks to preserve as much vegetation as possible, thus maintaining its ecological linearity and preserves the natural protection from high winds in the area..”  Lovely site; extensive glazing, natural light and views; interesting materiality and interior volumes..

image: Courtesy of Nómade Architects; article: “Caburé House / Nómade Architects” 12 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Jan 2013.


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