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* Residential Architecture: BIG’s West 57th New York City “Pyramid” Wins Final Approval (Bjarke Ingels Group)

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 10 February 2013

BIG’s West 57th New York City “Pyramid” Wins Final Approval

Residential Architecture: BIG’s West 57th New York City “Pyramid” Wins Final Approval: “..After an “arduous” public review and a heated debate over affordable housing, New York’s City Council has unanimously awarded final approval to BIG’s tetrahedral-shaped West 57th apartment building in Manhattan. As reported by Crain’s New York Business, a compromise has been made to include 173 affordable housing units within the 32-story, 750-unit residential building and the neighboring industrial building that will be converted into 100 additional rental apartments. As you may recall, the community board and Councilwoman Gail Brewer initially threatened to “torpedo the project” if the apartments were only made affordable for a 35 year period. However, Durst apparently won them over by contributing one million dollars into an affordable housing fund..“The good news, which is the mantra of my office and community board No. 4, is there will be, yes, by law, 35 years of income-restricted affordable housing,” stated City Councilwoman Brewer, who represents the area..Dubbed W57, the unique project was “born of logic”, as New York Magazine’s Justin Davidson would describe. Its steeply sloped facade will feature a massive, football-sized courtyard with stunning Hudson River views and outdoor terraces for all 750 residents, along with a vibrant street life and close proximity to the Hudson River Park.. Work is already underway on excavating the lot, and move ins are expected by spring 2015..”  Article includes a video..

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image: Courtesy of BIG; article: Rosenfield , Karissa. “BIG’s West 57th “Pyramid” Wins Final Approval” 07 Feb 2013. ArchDaily


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