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* Residential Architecture: Cedarvale Ravine House by Drew Mandel Architects

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cedarvale Ravine House by Drew Mandel Architects

Residential Architecture: Cedarvale Ravine House by Drew Mandel Architects: “..This house in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Drew Mandel Architects features pale grey stone walls and an overhanging top storey..Home to a family of four, the two-storey residence sits at the edge of Cedarvale Park, a steeply sloping ravine surrounded by woodland..Drew Mandel Architects used locally quarried stone blocks in three different sizes to create irregular courses on the building’s exterior. To contrast, zinc clads the cantilevered first floor and richly coloured walnut covers a selection of surfaces inside the house..”The restrained and limited material palette avoids unnecessary ornamentation in order to focus one’s attention on the site, natural light, and movement through modulated open spaces,” say the architects..The volume of the house is broken down into modules, which step back and forth on both floors to create two patios at ground floor level and a vegetable garden on the roof..The architects explain this as a “pushing and pulling” that mediates between the residential context at the front and the woodland area at the rear. “The sculptural expression solves programmatic requirements, maximises views, provides natural light, and enhances the promenade and transition from suburban streetscape to very primal forms of nature,” they add..A glazed single-storey block at the back contains the living room and offers a view back towards the park..The overhanging first floor cantilevers out beside it and hovers above an outdoor swimming pool. To support the weight of the cantilever, the architects added a single concrete wall and a series of concealed trusses..A double-height dining room is positioned at the centre of the house and splits the first floor into two wings. A mezzanine corridor runs between..Extensive glazing, natural light, nature views; privacy; interesting form and volumetry, interior volumes, materiality..

image + article: Dezeen

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