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* Residential Architecture: BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 25 February 2013

BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects

Residential Architecture:  BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects: “..This tiny house in northeast Los Angeles, California, USA, by local studio Anonymous Architects contains only three rooms and is lifted off the hillside on a set of concrete pilotis..Named BIG & small House, the two-storey residence was designed to maximise space, as it occupies a plot around half the size of its neighbours..Rather than squeeze in lots of small rooms, Anonymous Architects chose to add just one large living room, a single bathroom and a mezzanine bedroom. “What the house lacks in square footage it provides in volume,” explains the architect..A single-car parking garage runs along the side of the house, and the mezzanine bedroom stretches out over the top, allowing the combined living and dining room to become a double-height space..To increase natural light inside the house, interior partions don’t meet the ceiling. This was intended to create an “open-lofted feeling”..The shape of the house is defined by the outline of its sloping site. The base of the building barely touches the declining ground, but is held firmly in place by concrete-pile foundations..”The house is a completely isolated object,” (says) architect Simon Storey.. “It’s almost like a industrial shed compared to it’s neighbours, however the undulating roof softens the house just enough that it feels part of the neighborhood.”..Seamed metal sheets clad the entire exterior, while interior walls and floors are lined with timber..Anonymous Architects previously worked on another house on a small plot in Los Angeles and named it Eel’s Nest after the narrow residences found in Japanese cities..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; small footprint; interesting details and interior volumes..

See our post on another home by Anonymous Architects: Residential Architecture: Eels Nest House by Anonymous Architects.

image + article: Dezeen

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