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* Residential Architecture: Seaview House by Parsonson Architects

Posted by the editors on Friday, 1 March 2013

Seaview House by Parsonson Architects

Residential Architecture: Seaview House by Parsonson Architects: “ new zealand‘s capital (ndlr: Wellington), located on a hill overlooking the botanical gardens and the wellington harbor to the east, the ‘seaview house’ by local studio parsonson architects takes its place amidst its closely adjacent neighbors but with a distinctly different architectural language of its own. the clients, a family composed of a wide range of age groups, needed a spacious home that would accommodate specific needs of privacy, a range of leisure activities, and common gathering areas. as the sloping site is covered with dense vegetation, the massing strategy placed three floors between laterally-located barrier walls clad in green corrugated steel panels that shelter the living spaces and help the edifice blend into the greenery. bedrooms are located in the top floor which is wrapped in a contrasting skin of slender western red cedar louvers that counteract the hard surfaces of the exterior partitions with the conceptual intention to recover the wooded nature replaced by the construction. the primarily glass facades are open to the east, offering stunning views and morning sun to the several social spaces stacked vertically over one another, maintaining a certain sense of separation. a covered indoor swimming pool can be opened to the exterior, sharing the level with extra bedrooms for visiting guests. gallery walls are integrated into the main living area on the middle floor to display artworks in a warm atmosphere of white vertical elements and warm victorian ash flooring..  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; interesting form, materiality, interior volumes and details..

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image: © paul mccredie, courtesy of parsonson architects; article: Designboom


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