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* Residential Architecture: Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture

Posted by the editors on Monday, 11 March 2013

Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture

Residential Architecture: Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture: “..a curving road wraps the coast of rhodes, greece, flanked by the ocean on one side and a pre-existing retaining stone wall on the other. german practice hornung and jacobi architecture have proposed a single-family residence embedded into the fibers that make up the mediterranean context manifested as a contemporary vessel. the main entrance is the only object that interrupts the continuous rock barrier, a garage that resides underground ending in a winding staircase at the opposite end. the first level puts the user in the middle of the convergence of light, space, and views. the general form consists in a bent and faceted rectangular prism, lifted off the ground framing the ocean’s horizon. the elevated exterior ground plane houses a swimming pool and ample yard space under the overhanging bedroom space, where parametric triangular apertures open sight lines from the private program to the water below. the living and dining rooms are next to the pool, in a semi-elevated level from the entry and kitchen area. the program also prompted for a guest house which was embedded into the landscape as a separate structure from the primary house, connected by a landscaped walkway that maintains a certain level of privacy for each party but retains a sense of unity as well..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; interesting form, materiality, interior volumes, details..

image: © bloomimages; article: Designboom

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