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What’s going on here?

Perhaps the time has come to clarify, to some small extent, what Designalog is all about…

We are not particularly renowned, nor anonymous, design and/or architecture journalists, nor what may be called the key players in these domains, designers and architects.  Nevertheless we find these realms fascinating and are very grateful to those designers and architects whose work we appreciate, and to those journalists and publications, in print or online, that do such a fine job of offering to the public their coverage of, and insights regarding, such an enormous diversity of design and architecture.

Admittedly, we have our particular preferences.  We are not mad about all design, nor about all architecture, on whatever scale.  There is work, however, that somehow seems to speak to our own diverse sensibilities.

At one point in time, our small group shared, among ourselves, links to articles covering topics and work of special interest to one or more of us.  Over time, as a group, we sought a way to organise and share these links more effectively.  Hence the birth of Designalog.

The original small group has now expanded a good deal, and we are extraordinarily happy to say that there are now thousands upon thousands who enjoy our selection of links to works big and small, grandiose and modest, by a vast body of architects and designers, the world over, and to articles written by insightful journalists, and published in many fine publications, on a diverse, though focused, array of subjects.

Our points of view, as a group, are reflected in our choice of links, to be sure and, unavoidably, at times, in the few words we may have to say about the link in question.  For these reasons we call ourselves ‘The Editors’.

In closing this little note, we would once again like to express our thanks to, admiration of, and respect for the architects and designers of all the work covered, and all the journalists and publications who bring the world such rich coverage of such a wonderfully exciting and inspiring domain.

Best regards,

The Editors, Designalog


One Response to “What’s going on here?”

  1. katerina said

    Hi there,

    I ran into your interesting blog. I write about design and art, and I started a blog. I wonder if ou would be interested in linking into it. There are interesting articles on design. Lately about Dutch Joris Laarman, or French/Brooklyn based Francois chambard, or architecture. We’ll also be covering forthcoming design events in NYC – Brklyn Designs and ICFF.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Regards, Katerina

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