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* Residential Architecture: Lara Rios House & Atelier by F451 Arquitectura

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lara Rios House & Atelier by F451 Arquitectura

Residential Architecture: Lara Rios House & Atelier by F451 Arquitectura: “..This project hybridizes two typologies: the modern house and the industrial shed with north light from above. The program specificity, with 4 autonomous but interrelated units – house, guest apartment, atelier and garage- together with the slope from the terrain design the frame where we integrated both types into a single volume..This integration modified the regular use of some of the spaces of the original type based in the new relationship with its immediate surroundings. The house does not land on the ground but changes the relationship with it as the plan progresses. The volume emerges from it in one of the extremes, aligns the house with the garden in the central area and finally detaches itself in the west side. The open hallway that appears in the central area where the house and the atelier merge is designed as exterior and roofed space. It becomes the area of relationship of the different programs and works as a climatic regulator for them..The energetic efficiency of the proposal and its landscape integration are two major considerations for the constructive solution of the project. The merging between the house and the atelier happens in such a way that every space has double orientation, lighting and ventilation..The construction is based on a metal corrugated plate exposed in the interior, with a thermal layer of 10cm that covers all the volume and with an exterior finished of flexible stucco on fiber reinforced resins. The vertical walls are made of honeycomb clay block that reinforce the thermal insulation from the outside and increases the interior thermal lag. In the guest apartment the thermal blanket is substituted by a garden roof that establishes continuity between the garden and the building and provides a similar insulation..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; interesting form, contextual integration, interior volumes, fenestration, details, and decoration; roof terrace..

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image: Courtesy of F451 Arquitectura; article: “Lara Rios House & Atelier / F451 Arquitectura” 08 Feb 2013. ArchDaily


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* Residential Architecture: Casa Arco by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Posted by the editors on Monday, 26 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Casa Arco by Pezo von Ellrichshausen: “..This earthquake-proof house on a hillside in western Chile by architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen has six rooms with glass walls..Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen were asked to design the house for a pair of artists whose former home had been destroyed during the major earthquake of 2010, so the architects decided to create a building with a strong structure that could withstand another disaster.. “For things to last, for them to withstand the weight of time, they must suffer. The question was to what extent this tension should be made visible,” they explain..They gave the building an exposed steel skeleton, which frames the glass rooms on the three upper floors as well as two ceramics workshops on the lower ground floor..These powder-coated black columns and beams create a chunky grid across each elevation, contrasting with the translucent white curtains that hang behind the glazing..“There is a feeling of serenity and tension in the whole building,” Pezo told Dezeen. “Despite its unstable degree of transparency, it is a monolithic and bold structure.”..“But there is something uncomfortable about the dimensions of the elements of that structure,” he added. “Considering the small volume of the house, [the structural members] seem too thick to be steel and too slender to be concrete. Perhaps this building is no more than a piece of infrastructure.”..The staircase splits the house across the middle and connects the living rooms on the upper ground floor with drawing studios on the first floor and the bedroom and bathroom on the second floor..Crossbeams either side of the staircase provide extra structural support and create the framework for built-in furniture..”  Truly extensive glazing, natural light, views; contextual sensibility..

See our post on another residential project by Pezo von Ellrichshausen: Residential Architecture: Solo Houses by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects.

image: Cristobal Palma; article: Dezeen

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* Residential Architecture: Moore Studio by Omar Gandhi Architect

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 23 September 2012

Residential Architecture: Moore Studio by Omar Gandhi Architect: “..The new home is built on a recently purchased piece of land amidst a dense forest in the small town of Hubbard’s, Nova Scotia, Canada, approximately 45 minutes south of the city of Halifax. The 1500 square foot house is designed to be left exceedingly raw, providing open spaces and allowing plenty of natural daylight to penetrate the interior. The objective was to provide a platform for their artistic aspirations to flourish once again, while also providing a quiet setting for the couple to enjoy the surrounding landscape with their dogs, free of the stress of the city..The project relies heavily on idea of metamorphosis. The point of departure for the form began as a simple and elegant gable with a 12:12 roof pitch, a vernacular form commonly found in Nova Scotia. As the design process began, the undemanding form began to shift and change to allow for the space and natural lighting requirements of the clients, while still relying heavily on the simplicity of the original gable. The unique product of this distortion is a result of the relationship between all of the entities involved, including the landscape, the program, and the clients..The palette of the designed house is soft wood, exposed to the sometimes harsh weather of Nova Scotia, aluminium roofing and concrete floors. The interior walls, floors and ceilings are clad in plywood and OSB, reducing the need for drywall to a minimum and emphasizing the rawness of the interior. The ground floor includes a double height kitchen and dining space, a living room, 2 bedroom and bathrooms. The upper floor is separated into two individual studios for Peg and Garth, each looking down upon the kitchen from above..Materials such as caged industrial fixtures, salvaged steel grating and natural construction materials (plywood) flank the interior space. Stretching along the main façade of the house is a continuous strip of windows, which allow for a long view of the property and opens up the main floor to the exterior. The upper floor is lit by an end to end clerestory window. The upper floor also opens up to the rear bank as the house is built on the side of a natural hill. Adjacent to the house, a steel shipping container has been re-used as a shed. The house was built by young and highly skilled local contractors Mike Burns and Adam Smith at MRB Contracting..”  Interesting form, interior volumes, materiality..

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image: © Greg Richardson Photography; article: Cifuentes , Fabian . “Moore Studio / Omar Gandhi Architect” 21 Sep 2012. ArchDaily. <;

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* Residential Architecture: Santa Ynez House by Fernau + Hartman Architects

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 6 September 2012

Residential Architecture: Santa Ynez House by Fernau + Hartman Architects: “..The clients, one of whom is a working visual artist, are serious art collectors and former gallery owners. They wanted a small, energy-efficient home that engaged the landscape and embraced the rural setting. In addition to the basic requirements of a two bedroom house, they wanted a separate guest house/studio, outdoor rooms, pool and barbecue area. The site is in the Santa Ynez Valley in California. With a Mediterranean climate, it is hot and dry in the summer and fall, with warm to cold winters; noticeable cooling occurs at night throughout the year. At times strong western breezes prevail..Notched into a small bench on a steep hillside, the house was conceived of as a device to connect to the landscape; openings frame views near and far and blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor rooms. The main volume of the house is an east-west oriented wedge which functions as the dining/living space. The kitchen and master bedroom pierce this wedge and extend out to form protected courtyards on the north and south. The studio/guest house stands free of the main structure and defines and shelters the entry. Steel grating shades outdoor rooms, and operable wood screens provide shelter from western wind. Exterior shading combined with the thin building sections and generous openings keep the house cool despite extreme summer temperatures. Combined with site walls and trellis structures, the landscaping—composed of drought tolerant natives—further defines the outdoor rooms and makes a gradual transition into the natural landscape..”  Extensive glazing, abundant light, views; indoor / outdoor sensibility; interesting form and interior volumes and details; stylish interior decoration..

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image: © Richard Barnes; article: Gaete , Javier . “Santa Ynez House / Fernau + Hartman Architects” 04 Sep 2012. ArchDaily. <;

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