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* Architecture: Heike Hanada with Benedict Tonon to Design the New Bauhaus Museum

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Architecture: Heike Hanada with Benedict Tonon to Design the New Bauhaus Museum: “..The museum is made from cast concrete.  A stone base supports glass blocks that rise “like a monolithic sculpture in space”.  The surfaces and edges of the building are translucent, blurring the spatial transitions.  This concept is prevalent to the design of the building – blurring the visual dynamics of the space, as it attempts to mirror its precise urban setting with a vague, blurred reflection..The facade is detailed with window strips that run the entire exterior, creating a visual texture during the day and shimmering quality at night.  It is composed of narrow, opaque satined glass horizontal strips that are fixed with metal brackets.  They are frameless, so as to create a free floating glass skin. This horizontal rhythm is emphasized by an overlay of fine, etched black lines.  The clear rhythm is interrupted irregularly.  OLED foil located behind the glass allows the building to glow at night..The interior walls of the entrance hall have the same materiality and sense that the outer stone plinth of the museum has, creating a continuity between the inside and outside.  This creates a fluid transformation from passer-by to visitor to the museum.  From the entrance hall, the interior splits off into various important routes between the continuity of the urban setting and the interior rooms..The building is designed to use less energy through energy reclamation resources.  Thermal activation of building units, a geothermal pump, ventilation and solar collectors maintain the climatic conditions of the building while reducing its energy consumption.  The building’s compact design also reduce its use of resources.  Other features, such as a durable selection of glass, concrete, stone and clay plaster, also ensure sustainability and a longer life of the building..”  Sustainability, and a new home for the wonders of the Bauhaus..

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image: Courtesy of Prof. Heike Hanada and Prof. Benedict Tono; article: Vinnitskaya , Irina . “Heike Hanada with Benedict Tonon to Design the New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar” 16 Jul 2012. ArchDaily.<;


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