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* Residential Architecture: Rio Bonito House by Carla Juacaba

Posted by the editors on Monday, 1 April 2013

Rio Bonito House by Carla Juacaba

Residential Architecture: Rio Bonito House by Carla Juacaba: “..carla juaçaba‘s design for a weekend home in mountainous eastern region of rio de janeiro, Brazil, uses the load bearing properties of meter-thick stone walls to suspend the roof and floor joists. four steel beams puncture walls so as to allow a sliver of glazing to wash the interior of the stone walls with diffused light. the visual weight of the rustic stone counters the lightness of the horizontal planes, creating an effect that mirrors the nearby river where diaphanous space confronts stalwart earth. the home explores the architectonics of encounter; water and fire, weight and lightness, archaic and industrial, and solid versus void.  the brazilian architect was awarded the 2013 ‘arcVision prize for women in architecture’ for her ‘pavilion humanidade 2012’. Extensive glazing, natural light; interesting fenestration and  juxtaposition of materiality and immateriality; numerous photos in original article..

image: © nelson kon; courtesy of carla juaçaba; article: Designboom

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