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* Residential Architecture: Cobogó House by Marcio Kogan

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 24 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Cobogó House by Marcio Kogan: “..The light of the abundant tropical Sun falls on the white volume of the top floor of the house, penetrating the holes of the hollowed elements and covering the floor of the interior space. Thus, the design of spatialized lace is formed from the shadows and solar rays. The effect is multiplied throughout the ambient, making a construction from the light itself..On the ground floor the living room connects entirely with the garden, where there is a small artificial lake. Fish and plants help maintain the biological balance of the pool without the use of chemical products that assail the environment. This environmental thought permeated the entire project which incorporated principles of sustainability established by rigid standards, similar to certifications. In the house, there is a great concern to use recycling apparatus and reduce water consumption; rationalize and organize the construction to minimize the impacts; use devices for energy efficiency and optimization; install solar heating plaques; besides using only certified, recycled or ecologically correct material. The use of this knowledge together with architecture that respects the local climate resulted in a house having excellent inner comfort..”  Filtered natural light, true indoor/outdoor sensibility, exquisite materialty..

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