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* Residential Architecture: 4.5×20 House by AHL architects associates

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 28 February 2013

4.5×20 House by AHL architects associates

Residential Architecture: 4.5×20 House by AHL architects associates: “..This house was designed for a young family with one child and grand mother, located in Van Phu new urban area in Ha Noi, Vietnam. The existing design is boring (like thousands of other houses in Vietnam): lost of natural lighting and ventilation; simple space with core (staircase and toilet) in the middle and two bedrooms at two sides. Client (young family) needs something different from the existing. They need their own house, their style. This situation requires a smart solution for traffic, thereby creating interesting solutions of space, daylight  and natural ventilation..Based on their requirements, the program is quite simple: garage (for 2 cars), kitchen on the 1st floor, bedroom (for grand mother) and living room on the 2nd floor, master bedrooms on the 3rd floor, small guest room, sky terrace and worship on the 4th floor…but they need the architects focus on the creation of public spaces..With a simple slogan “ traffic creates space and function”, we started by changing the location of staircase. Unique and continuous spaces is proposed based on the new staircase. The staircase and corridors were designed not as a simple and boring path but as a continuous and sequential space which becomes living space..Along with identifying new locations for staircase, the voids is also determined for natural lighting and ventilation.An atrium in the middle of house was created to bring daylight to lobbies and all rooms without window to outside. In addition, that allows full connection between the 4 levels of the house vertically..The central space is the biggest volume where a double height living room locates, is surrounded by opening staircase, atrium and big windows..”  Interesting renovation solution for existing narrow 4-storey residence..

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image: © Anh Duc Le; article: “4.5×20 House / AHL architects associates” 26 Feb 2013. ArchDaily

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* Residential Architecture: BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 25 February 2013

BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects

Residential Architecture:  BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects: “..This tiny house in northeast Los Angeles, California, USA, by local studio Anonymous Architects contains only three rooms and is lifted off the hillside on a set of concrete pilotis..Named BIG & small House, the two-storey residence was designed to maximise space, as it occupies a plot around half the size of its neighbours..Rather than squeeze in lots of small rooms, Anonymous Architects chose to add just one large living room, a single bathroom and a mezzanine bedroom. “What the house lacks in square footage it provides in volume,” explains the architect..A single-car parking garage runs along the side of the house, and the mezzanine bedroom stretches out over the top, allowing the combined living and dining room to become a double-height space..To increase natural light inside the house, interior partions don’t meet the ceiling. This was intended to create an “open-lofted feeling”..The shape of the house is defined by the outline of its sloping site. The base of the building barely touches the declining ground, but is held firmly in place by concrete-pile foundations..”The house is a completely isolated object,” (says) architect Simon Storey.. “It’s almost like a industrial shed compared to it’s neighbours, however the undulating roof softens the house just enough that it feels part of the neighborhood.”..Seamed metal sheets clad the entire exterior, while interior walls and floors are lined with timber..Anonymous Architects previously worked on another house on a small plot in Los Angeles and named it Eel’s Nest after the narrow residences found in Japanese cities..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; small footprint; interesting details and interior volumes..

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image + article: Dezeen

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* Residential Architecture: X House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 24 February 2013

X House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Residential Architecture: X House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales: “..This X-shaped house by architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales hangs over the edge of a hillside on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain..Aptly named X House, the two-storey residence is based on a simple rectilinear form but features four triangular recesses that create the X-shaped plan. One of these recesses allows the structure to avoid a nearby tree, while two others provide windows that avoid overlooking neighbouring houses and the fourth lengthens the glazed facade to offer a wider view of the surrounding landscape..”The form is not a priori, but an effort to give a unitary response that satisfies each of the questions that rose up in the design process,” explains Cadaval & Solà-Morales..The walls without glazing appear as solid, undecorated concrete and were set using a single-sided formwork. “[The house] accumulates in its skin the diverse and continuous knowledge acquired within the process of construction,” say the architects..Residents enter the house on the top floor by following a staircase around the edge of the pine tree and locating a door that is two metres below street level, alongside a garage for parking two cars..A bedroom, bathroom and study occupy two arms of the cross on this floor and overlook a double-height living room on the storey below..Downstairs, the living room and kitchen wrap around the facade to offer views out across over the hillside..”X House uses form to qualify spaces of very different nature and provide them with an individual character, always incorporating landscape as a main actor,” add the architects..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; very interesting form, interior volumes, contextuality on a steep site; roof terrace; very good photos, some by the excellent photographer Iwan Baan, in a 20-image slideshow accompanying the original article.

image: Sandra Pereznieto; article: Dezeen

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* Residential Architecture: North Fitzroy House by AM Architecture

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 21 February 2013

North Fitzroy House by AM Architecture

Residential Architecture: North Fitzroy House by AM Architecture: “..The owners approached us with a common question. Is it feasible to extend a semi-detached dwelling on a narrow site? The benefit this property had over comparable detached dwellings was the opportunity to build two levels directly on the party wall. This opened up an array of spatial possibilities allowing a ground floor extension of a new kitchen, dining, meals and living, and on the first floor, a master bed, workstation and en-suite..The response to the heritage overlay was one of complimentary difference. We searched for forms and materials that would create a relationship with the existing building but ultimately end up in a contemporary expression that would make no apology for being new. The resultant form is a black, single pitched volume that extrudes along the site reflecting same angle as the existing tiled roof, and switching dramatically in direction at the rear, responding to adjoining neighbours sun access and opening up to a north facing rear garden..The materials and new colours from the existing heritage portico are used internally and externally in the new addition. These common materials serve to bind the two parts together, reinforcing the idea that both old and new, so different in era and style, are borne of the same substance. An important part of the owners brief was a separate dining area screened from the kitchen that would still maintain a spatial connection. This is the first space entered when leaving the old building. It is intended as a night time space, being the deepest into the site and is surrounded by a tactile combination of materials including white bagged brickwork referencing the face brickwork at the front of the building, white painted timber cladding connecting to the painted timber soffit of the portico, glossy white steel plate, exposed polished concrete, charcoal timber shiplap cladding and a timber veneer drinks cabinet. During the day, skylights and long windows wash perpendicular walls, so the space receives a reflected and ambient glow of light..At the core of the extension is the kitchen with void above, which connects a first floor master bedroom and en-suite in a lofty mezzanine. The kitchen is a timber insertion into a white space, and includes a solid timber island bench that doubles as a meals table connecting directly to the living area. A double height wall alongside the stair has large windows placed at the north end to flood it with clear and coloured light, and a long window running the entire western side, creates ever-changing patterns of direct and reflected light throughout the afternoon and evening. The living area is fully glazed to the northern garden and the first floor the en-suite above sits in a deep white recess for privacy, enjoying a high pitching ceiling that opens the space up to the sky and nearby trees ..The design was the product of a fluid working relationship between the clients and architect with the clients embracing new ideas with enthusiasm. Good communication between everyone led to a pleasurable design process and a building that emerged on the other side with its integrity intact. The extension that eventuated from what was a narrow site feels spatially generous and tactile materials combined with ever-changing qualities of light have created a series of interconnected spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; interesting form, interior volumes, fenestration and materiality..

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image: © Dianna Snape; article: “North Fitzroy House / AM Architecture” 18 Feb 2013. ArchDaily

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