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* Architecture: Fire Island Pines Pavilion by HWKN

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fire Island Pines Pavilion by HWKN

Architecture: Fire Island Pines Pavilion by HWKN: “ york firm HWKN has given a new vitality to a fire island nightlife mainstay with their newly unveiled design for the iconic  fire island pines pavilion. after a 2011 fire ravaged the legendary social hotspot, owners saw fit to revitalize the energetic social hub into a considered extension of the boardwalk and reframed nexus of the gay community. the architecture seeks to balance the equally important aim of preserving the relaxed, yet vibrant, energy of the pavilion with the overarching idea that fire island is an environmentally luscious escape from city life..aside from the totally sensory experience of the wide-grain wooden material palette, the third iteration of the club sports two stories of outdoor terraces to accommodate ‘low tea’ casual afternoon casual drinking and ‘high tea’ late night energy. program volumes are interlocking puzzle pieces that blend the boundary between interior and exterior spaces. benches, wide staircases and storefronts activate the ground level in addition to the sculptural skin of the structure that stretches the public zone of the boardwalk. an internal loop of stairs weaves the volumes together, in particular the grand gesture of the high tea terrace that affords ideal views of the harbor. subtly angled spaces reframe interior views and external lines of sight as well as play with levels of intimacy within the space. architectural elements become opportunities for social interaction– even the dance space is elegantly graced with a gradient of 7 foot tall bleachers, optimal for people and landscape watching. planimetrically open to all sides the pavilion is an place intensely optimized for mingling and informal interaction, but moreover a materially honest architecture centered on community and the creation of life-enriching memories..’   Interesting terraced facade, contextuality..

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image: © michael moran/OTTO; article: Designboom

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* Architecture: HWKN commissioned to rebuild Fire Island Pines Pavilion

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 31 May 2012

Architecture: HWKN commissioned to rebuild Fire Island Pines Pavilion: “..[a] redesign and rebuild the legendary Pavilion dance club of Fire Island Pines. Located just four miles off the coast of Long Island, the popular gay resort welcomes over 800,000 summer visitor each year. The wooden pavilion will be the harbor’s main attraction, welcoming visitors as they arrive by ferry with two, lively stories of outdoor terrace and a “Welcome Bar”..The dynamic façade creates a three-dimensional experience by incorporating the public boardwalk up into the building facade. Benches, wide staircases and storefronts will activate the base while an entrance, formed by a set of bleachers, will provide a viewing platform, stage, wedding chapel and extended dance floor. The ground floor “Welcome Bar”, the high-tea terrace and the Pavilion Club will all be connected by an internal loop of stairs..”  Social, contextual and materials sensibility..for next summer..

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image: Courtesy of HWKN; article: Rosenfield , Karissa . “HWKN commissioned to rebuild Fire Island Pines Pavilion” 30 May 2012. ArchDaily. <;

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