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* Architecture: EP7 Restaurant by Stephane Malka

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 30 May 2013

EP7 Restaurant by Stephane Malka

Architecture: EP7 Restaurant by Stephane Malka: “..french architect and former graffiti artist stephane malka has designed a guinguette typology for paris that synthesizes the mythical dimensions of nature with the ceaseless growth of the urban environment. his EP7 restaurant uses an accretion of raw wood, primed for the organic growth of plant life, to created a lively skin for an urban recreation space. the architect began his career as artistic agent of the urban landscape, using the massive planes of the city to understand the communicative power of the built form. the architecture, in this case, references land art and ties in the intertwined masses of metropolitan paris with the teeming life of the forest. free walls and vegetation arise from the delicately sectioned modules of square timber while expanses of glazing challenge the pixelated envelope..”  Interesting facade..

image: courtesy of stephane malka; article: Designboom

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* Residential Architecture: Casa CorMAnca by Paul Cremoux Studio

Posted by the editors on Monday, 27 May 2013

Casa CorMAnca by Paul Cremoux Studio

Residential Architecture: Casa CorMAnca by Paul Cremoux Studio: “..This family house in Mexico City by local architect Paul Cremoux conceals a three-storey wall of plants behind its slate-clad facade..Concerned about the lack of sustainable construction in the country, Paul Cremoux Studio designed a building that uses plants to moderate its own internal temperature, whilst giving residents an indoor garden..”Making sustainable eco-effective design in Mexico is pretty hard. Many clients do not yet realise the importance of changing the design strategy,” says architect Paul Cremoux..He explains: “We would like to think about vegetation not only as a practical temperature-humidity comfort control device, or as a beautiful energetic view, but also as an element that acts like a light curtain.”..The green wall flanks a courtyard terrace, which occupies the middle floor and is open to the sky on one side. Meanwhile, most the rooms of the house are positioned on the levels above and below..A driveway for two cars is located beneath the terrace and leads through to the dining and kitchen areas. A living room and three bedrooms occupy the second floor and can be accessed via a staircase tucked away in the corner..The dark slate panels that clad the exterior also line some of the walls around the courtyard, contrasting with the light wood finishes applied elsewhere..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; magnificent green wall; interesting form, interior volumes, materiality; original article includes a four-image slideshow and many additional images..

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image: Héctor Armanado Herrera and PCW; article: Dezeen

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* Architecture: Green Cast by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Posted by the editors on Friday, 15 June 2012

Architecture: Green Cast by Kengo Kuma and Associates: “..The façade of the building is covered with planters made of aluminum die-cast panels, which provides space for facilities. The 3 (up to 6) aluminum panels, which also form planters, are made in monoblock casting. Each panel is slanted, and its surface appears to be organic, of which cast comes from decayed styrene foam. Equipment such as watering hose, air reservoir for ventilation and downpipes are installed behind the panels so that the façade can accommodate a comprehensive system for the building.. (Description from Kengo Kuma)”  Wonderful, changeable, and green building facade / vertical garden..

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image: Daici Ano; article: Contemporist

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