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* Architecture + Design: Dignifying Design

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 7 October 2012

Architecture + Design: Dignifying Design: “..(A) new breed of public-interest designers proceeds from a belief that everybody deserves good design, whether in a prescription bottle label that people can more easily read and understand, a beautiful pocket park to help a city breathe or a less stressful intake experience at the emergency room. Dignity may be to the burgeoning field of public-interest design as justice is to the more established public-interest law..” Excellent, inspirational, motivational article on public-interest design and architecture in The New York Times..

The article includes a 9-image slideshow, here.

See some of other posts with photos by the excellent architectural photographer Iwan Baan:

image: Iwan Baan; article: John Cary and Courtney E. Martin, The New York Times

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* Architecture: The Orangery by Spacelab

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 22 April 2012

Architecture: The Orangery by Spacelab: “..a conservatory with a five fingered roof that Shoreditch architects Spacelab installed at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital..Located on top of a boiler house, the Orangery provides a dining room for both staff and patients at the hospital, as well as a space for temporary exhibitions or events..Some of the the zinc and wood-covered fins that comprise the roof are angled upwards to draw light in through the glazed facade, while others are slanted downwards to create overhanging canopies..”  Abundant glazing, natural light, interior and exterior wood..

image + article: Dezeen

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