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* Residential Architecture: House in Sonvico by Architetti Pedrozzi e Diaz Saravia

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 26 May 2013

House in Sonvico by Architetti Pedrozzi e Diaz Saravia

Residential Architecture: House in Sonvico by Architetti Pedrozzi e Diaz Saravia: “..This rural house in Switzerland by local studio Architetti Pedrozzi e Diaz Saravia is raised off the hillside on a pair of gigantic concrete columns..The single-storey House in Sonvico is constructed on a 20-metre long concrete slab, which is elevated above the ground on one side to line up with the highest level of the site..”We and the clients both wanted to create a single-storey house,” architect Martino Pedrozzi told Dezeen. “Because of the slope, we invented a level section.”..Rather than create an entrance at the point where the building meets the ground, Architetti Pedrozzi e Diaz Saravia designed the house with a hollow centre so that residents climb up from underneath to enter. This arrangement also creates a terrace beneath the building with a swimming pool alongside..Timber-framed windows sit within the houses’s chunky concrete frame. White ceramic tiles clad any walls between and feature a mixture of polished and matte finishes..The rooms of the house are arranged in sequence around the perimeter, while a corridor runs around the inside. There are also circular rooms inside the columns and one contains a staircases so it can double up as a second entrance..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; interesting form; original article features a six-image slideshow..

image: Pino Brioschi; article: Dezeen

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