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* Architecture + Design: Dignifying Design

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 7 October 2012

Architecture + Design: Dignifying Design: “..(A) new breed of public-interest designers proceeds from a belief that everybody deserves good design, whether in a prescription bottle label that people can more easily read and understand, a beautiful pocket park to help a city breathe or a less stressful intake experience at the emergency room. Dignity may be to the burgeoning field of public-interest design as justice is to the more established public-interest law..” Excellent, inspirational, motivational article on public-interest design and architecture in The New York Times..

The article includes a 9-image slideshow, here.

See some of other posts with photos by the excellent architectural photographer Iwan Baan:

image: Iwan Baan; article: John Cary and Courtney E. Martin, The New York Times

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Residential Architecture: House Arc by Bellomo Architects

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 26 January 2012

Residential Architecture: House Arc by Bellomo Architects: “..a modular, prefab housing system..designed to be 100% off the grid, the 150-square-foot unit can be flat-packed and shipped in a box that is 4x10x3 feet in size. considered a model for compact living, the structure’s curvaceous shape is formed from a lightweight frame made of steel tubes -when complete it weighs only 3000 pounds. the intention of ‘house arc’ is to aid people located in areas devastated by natural disasters and other unforeseen events, as a means of replacing residences that were not built to withstand certain forces of nature. hence, it has been constructed to withstand tropical winds and weather..the capsule-like dwelling features a solar energy generating roof. large windows allow natural light to flood through the space, while also funneling air through the interior, creating a cross-breeze, while a shading trellis limits heat infiltration..the raised structure permits air to flow beneath the framework for cooling, while maintaining permeability of the site..’we designed it to be a kit of parts that the average person can assemble quickly–like an IKEA house, only easier to put together.'”  Social, humanitarian, practical, innovative..

image+ article: Designboom

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Rescued by Design, by Michael Kimmelman – Expanding the Idea of Design Guru

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 6 November 2011

Michael Kimmelman, the senior architecture and design critic for The New York Times, has written a very interesting article entitled “Rescued by Design” in the Art & Design section of The New York Times, looking at some of the work included in the exposition “Design With the Other 90 Percent: Cities,” “an infelicitously titled but inspired show organized by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and installed in the United Nations visitors’ lobby” in New York City.  Kimmelman has selected a number of remarkable projects around the globe to illustrate what can be done with good design, what good design means (“ground up, not top down”), and the vast number of disadvantaged, often urban, poor who have input into and benefit from these projects.  Yes, as Kimmelman says, the late Steve Jobs may be considered a Design Guru, but this concept needs to be expanded to include those behind these projects “Design[ed] With the Other 90 Percent”, often surprisingly, simply, elegant.  “For some of the world’s poor, hope comes via design”.

The article includes a number of very interesting photos.

image: ACHR/The New York Times

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Into the Fray – Humanitarian Design Imperialism?

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Hippo Water Roller

image: Hippo Water Roller Project

The design commentator (analyst? critic? observer?) Bruce Nussbaum ( published a post, some time ago (7 July 2010, to be precise), to his blog on (a very interesting site), entitled “Is Humanitarian Design the New Imperialism?” which has served to bring to the fore a very deep and wide-ranging discussion of the motivations, implications, realisations, politics, etc. of humanitarian design, not to mention the language we use to discuss it (and design, in general).  Whatever you may think on the subject, the discussion, you must agree (we hope), following Nussbaum’s post has offered numerous opportunities to read thoughtful, at times provocactive, and, very often, very interesting writing on the subject of humanitarian design.

Frankly, however, there is now so (very) much out there that we certainly find ourselves unable to offer you all the necessary links and so have chosen to offer you just a few interesting ones, knowing you’ll go on from there…

“Is Humanitarian Design the New Imperialism” by Bruce Nussbaum on

“The Language of Design Imperialism” by Maria Popova in Change Observer on Design Observer

Project H Design, humanitarian design

Nussbaum on Design blog by Bruce Nussbaum on

The Design Revolution Road Show, here.

Architecture for Humanity, here.

Also consult one of our previous (though quite recent) posts on humanitarian design, here.

Also, feel free (as long as you are able to remain polite and relatively brief) to share your comments on the subject with your fellow designalog readers…or….

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