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* Architecture: New Bauhaus Museum Weimar by Menomenopiu

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 22 March 2012

Architecture: New Bauhaus Museum Weimar by Menomenopiu: “..the “clever cover”, as a key visual element designed to be flexible to accommodate contemporary technologies to fulfill the future needs of the building. a play with light and shadow occurs from the pattern of the roof evokes the drawings of josef albers. over 5O% of the roof (1250m²) is covered by photovoltaic panels which provide up to 250kw/day, satisfying the 60% of the museum energy consumption. sliding shades manage the seasonal solar interior contributions, adjusting to the programmatic needs of the different volumes. the system “box in the box”, in synergy with the technological canopy, guarantees the best climatic control throughout the seasons. ‘I’m interested in the idea of overlapping images over several layers of transparent surfaces’ – moholy-nagy’s ‘light space modulator’..”  Sustainability, transparence, Bauhausian..

image + article: Designboom

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The Bauhaus in Detail, Subtlety and Depth – The Powerhouse of the New

Posted by the editors on Monday, 7 June 2010


image Wikipedia

The Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany, photographed in 2003.

Martin Filler has written an excellent article, deeply researched, subtly and clearly written, detailed in its reflections and its presentation, entitled “The Powerhouse of the New” in The New York Review of Books (online) which looks at the Bauhaus from its inception and includes analyses of a great number of the variables, be they interpersonal, political, artistic, architectural, or creative, to name a few, that continue to intrigue and inspire us today.  Necessary reading, quite simply.  Includes a wonderful bibliography as well.

See our other posts about the Bauhaus, here, on ceramicist Margarete Heymann and here, on textile designs by Gunta Stolzl.
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