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* Residential Architecture: Silicon House by Selgas Cano

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 3 February 2013

Silicon House by Selgas Cano

Residential Architecture: Silicon House by Selgas Cano: “..This is an allotment on a gentle slope covered by evergreen oak, elm, ash, acacia, prunus and plane trees, all seeded spontaneously by birds from the surrounding plots. All of these trees and their canopy perimeters were measured and drawn on to plan. Le Corbusier said he wanted the empty La Tourette courtyard to be populated naturally with vegetation, by birds and the wind. Le Corbusier left a void in his architecture to be populated by nature. We think this project has arisen in opposition to that idea..Nature has left us a gap and here, only here, can we populate it with something that is architecture, because it is rational. We agree with la Tourette, however, that neither camouflage nor integration nor what is called “ organic architecture “ have ever really been sought. The house adapts by pure opposition. In Italy, some of the motorway bridges are painted sky blue. An innocent, sweet camouflage that only works as expected on a few days and at certain moments, yet we find it most beautiful on the days when you can actually see the trick. The ultimate purpose is (it would be an exaggeration to say “always”)whatever is admired..This allotment is already choked with something that should be preserved, and the only choice left to us is to fill in the remaining interfaces, only the areas that are possible, remnants, between the trees, which we have no intention of touching at all. Respect, but to a manic extent. The house is set beneath two platforms that strive to arise our gaze above the natural setting towards the eastern sky. The views of the house look at the base of the natural environment. The project consists of these two platforms. The house is an addition underneath them. These two platforms are comfortable, with soft pavements, for living inside most of the time. Each one has a different colour and a different level to facilitate access. Each one corresponds to an interior time of the house, and each one is nothing without the other. The only thing we can say about the interior space is that it goes unnoticed. It arises as a remainder from the reaction of the only space being worked here. Outdoor space..This is a project that is only related to the exterior. Two horizontal platforms cultivate it in generic proximity but a metaphoric distance. Distance in which we speak of inanimate nature, reproduced or abstract, also a reflection of an earth and a sky , which becomes involved with both but belongs to neither. The resemblances in its zoomorphic or anthropomorphic silhouette that seem to belong of similarities, the coincidences of the situation of the spherical lightwells/lookouts with eyes and the other skylights with backbones, are just coincidences..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; interesting conception, form, contextuality..

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image: © Pablo Zuloaga; article: “Silicon House / Selgas Cano” 31 Jan 2013. ArchDaily


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* Residential Architecture: AA House in Almeria by MVN Arquitectos

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Residential Architecture: AA House in Almeria by MVN Arquitectos: “ MVN arquitectos have conceived the ‘aa house’ in almeria, spain, overlooking the horizon of the mediterranean sea..placed within a rugged terrain site, the family home rationally conforms to the topography, where its small natural foundation, minimizes earth movement for an ideal adaptation for its environmental surroundings. in lower levels, platforms continue developing a site extension, creating zones of fruit-bearing trees and gardens. the use of existing stone walls from ancient terraced plantations within the portion of land, restores the original character that area once provided. the project maintains a constant relation with the environment, promoting a consistent proportions of the building while protecting its landscape value..organized into three displaced sections, the structures are partially buried, anchoring the house on a slope. the portion of the edifice constitutes the uncovered parking, court of service, pantry and kitchen, and a small terrace, where the main volumes retain the main elements of the house. here, a large patio provides access, acting as shelter for the weather conditions behind the fold of the walls..the main corridor articulates a relationship between the light and the horizon, fully expanding onto the first platform for expanded
views of the ocean establishing a link between the sea within the dining and living room. bounded by the dressing room and the main bedroom, the cantilevered body configures a visual flight of the landscape facing the coast line. the third building division houses the main facade where it includes rooms for the children, a guest room, the sauna with a courtyard protected from the wind. the lower terrace provides an open space at noon, resolving the encounter with the ground. the interior flooring from the wetrooms and kitchen uses a compound of quartz and resin type silestone..a strategy for the building construction proposes a structural system of reinforced concrete, with thermo-clay enclosures and solution of ecological flat roof supported by slab filtron base. it is finished with white monolayer mortar to reflect on the traditional architecture of the cerro del albar. the pavement is solved with travertine marble, extending this finish to the outside to run ground platforms linked to the use of housing. the exterior is composed of a triple aluminium cladding with an external sliding structure of adjustable slats the exposes open platforms to the horizon that have been finished off with crushed aggregate of rocks from the area..”  Extensive glazing, abundant natural light, very lovely views; clerestory windows; interesting form, interior volumes and details, cantilevered staircase, privacy..

image: Courtesy of MVN Arquitectos; article: Designboom

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* Residential Architecture: Memory House by A-cero, Joaquin Torres Architects

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 26 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Memory House by A-cero, Joaquin Torres Architects: “..a home located in a residential complex in northern Madrid (Spain). The house is located in a rectangular plot of 2,800 m2, where there are plenty of pines and oaks. Since A-cero aims to preserve these Mediterranean species, the housing project pretends to live with them so much so that both embrace in the facade. The low slope plot follows the existing urban parameters with the  curving shapes characteristic of the Studio..The house is built of ventilated stone white marble real cream combined with bamboo wood, giving it character and sobriety. Inside, the spaces are wide and full of light in every room of the house. For the floor, A-cero chooses a cream polished marble for the living room and an Havanna oak for the bedrooms..Suggestive forms of architecture are introduced into the interior of the house thanks to a furniture design with plenty of curves. We have to highlight the kitchen, with an A-cero design that follows the thread of the project. The finishing is made of wood and White Corian. The furniture in the house combines the A-cero designed ones with other elements chosen by the property, where simplicity and elegance are the general trend. The white color, flooding the room, is mixed with warmer tones in browns and grays..The distribution of the house is done in three levels. The first floor has three en suite bedrooms, while the ground floor houses a large living room, a guest toilet, kitchen with storage area, and a spacious master bedroom with dressing room. In the basement floor is situated the garage, service area and other facilities..On the outside, A-cero respects the existing vegetation on the plot and makes a pool with changing room..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; rectilinear geometry for the front elevation, curvilinear geometry for the rear elevation; interesting materiality..

image + article: Contemporist

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* Architecture: Comisaria Fuencarral by Voluar Arquitectura

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 12 July 2012

Architecture: Comisaria Fuencarral by Voluar Arquitectura: “..a deconstruction of the basic courtyard typology, this local police station changes the relationship between a state-owned building and the community through layers of transparency. the general cube form is organized around a large full-height interior patio, visually connecting the services within the building. the private spaces by contrast are easily distinguishable as cantilevered solid cubes protruding out of the glass box..the project is set back from the property line to include public urban development. one of the most defining features is the anodized aluminum mesh screens that are periodically perforated to control depth of field and light penetration. these panels create a visual impedance towards the interior during the day while allowing undisturbed views to the surrounding city. at night, the building glows with light to expose the inner functions to the outside world. natural stones are framed into free-standing sections that run along the perimeter of the construction. the homogeneity of the material palette is broken on the inside with moments of black marble and wood members..”  Cantilevers, transparency, atrium, interior and exterior materials sensibility..

image: © angel baltanas; article: Designboom

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