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* Residential Architecture: Casa CorMAnca by Paul Cremoux Studio

Posted by the editors on Monday, 27 May 2013

Casa CorMAnca by Paul Cremoux Studio

Residential Architecture: Casa CorMAnca by Paul Cremoux Studio: “..This family house in Mexico City by local architect Paul Cremoux conceals a three-storey wall of plants behind its slate-clad facade..Concerned about the lack of sustainable construction in the country, Paul Cremoux Studio designed a building that uses plants to moderate its own internal temperature, whilst giving residents an indoor garden..”Making sustainable eco-effective design in Mexico is pretty hard. Many clients do not yet realise the importance of changing the design strategy,” says architect Paul Cremoux..He explains: “We would like to think about vegetation not only as a practical temperature-humidity comfort control device, or as a beautiful energetic view, but also as an element that acts like a light curtain.”..The green wall flanks a courtyard terrace, which occupies the middle floor and is open to the sky on one side. Meanwhile, most the rooms of the house are positioned on the levels above and below..A driveway for two cars is located beneath the terrace and leads through to the dining and kitchen areas. A living room and three bedrooms occupy the second floor and can be accessed via a staircase tucked away in the corner..The dark slate panels that clad the exterior also line some of the walls around the courtyard, contrasting with the light wood finishes applied elsewhere..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; magnificent green wall; interesting form, interior volumes, materiality; original article includes a four-image slideshow and many additional images..

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image: Héctor Armanado Herrera and PCW; article: Dezeen

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* Residential Architecture: Valna House by JSa Architecture

Posted by the editors on Friday, 18 January 2013

Valna House by JSa Architecture

Residential Architecture: Valna House by JSa Architecture: “..This is a family house located in a subdivision of Santa Fe in Mexico City, Mexico. The first condition for the solution was to give the client a project, which would optimize building spaces without sacrificing the program..To achieve this, we had to design the architecture as “L”, with the intention of making a larger house by uniting the two gardens in order to maximize the depth of the property. The resulting space is the compositional axis of the project, a linear sequence of spaces of different character..All the main spaces of the house are subordinate to this axis and incorporated to it visually and physically by large windows. The color palette is based on the authenticity of the materials such as exposed concrete, wood, oil, gray limestone and vegetation..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; vertical gardens..

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image: © Rafael Gamo; article: “Valna House / JSa Architecture” 13 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Jan 2013.

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* Residential Architecture: Tepoztlan Lounge by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 17 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Tepoztlan Lounge by Cadaval & Solà-Morales: “..Tepoztlan, is a small town nestled between rocky cliffs located to the south of Mexico City, 50 kilometers away from the vibrant metropolis. With its well preserved historic center and wild countryside, Tepoztlan is a town of legends and deep cultural roots that has been appreciated by writers, poets, artists and musicians over many decades, turning it into their hometown or weekend retreat. Located in this incredible context and surrounded by an astonishing landscape, the Tepoztlan Lounge is the first building completed of a larger project that also includes a series of bungalows of different sizes and designs, which can be rented by years, months or days..The lounge is set to be a central communal space for leisure in nature, and is located in the perimeter of an incredible lawn; the idiosyncrasy of the project relies on enabling the experience of the carefully manicured lawn while promoting the experience of the wild nature existing in the boundaries of this central space. The project is a negotiation between interior and exterior, a construction of an in-between condition, an inhabitable threshold, which becomes the main space of the project; the limits between the open and the content space merge to produce a single architectural entity..The design establishes three separate living quarters designed in accordance to the 3 activities planned; each of them is a set space defined by its use, but also by a very clear and simple architectural container: the first holds an open bar with a kitchenette, together with a couple of restrooms and dressing rooms; the second is a play area for children that can also be used as a reading room when temperatures drop at night; and finally the largest container is the living area, an enclosed, tempered and comfortable space for conversation, TV, etcetera.  But it is the desire to give continuity between these three separate areas where the project is empowered and becomes meaningful; a continuous space, in full contact with the nature but protected from its inclemency is set up not only to expand the enclosed uses, but also to allow new activities to arise..And it is through the definition of this central space, through the definition of its shape, that the contiguous courtyards are defined; those are as essential to the project as it is the built architecture, and allows constructing as a whole, single spatial experience. At the same time that the three built containers give continuity to the central space by mans of their use and space, the adjacent patios qualify it, while providing diversity and idiosyncrasy to open space. The design of the swimming pool is part of this same intervention, and responds to the desire to characterize the spaces; its formalization necessarily resonates the layout of the lounge, while incorporating to its nature the possibility of a multiplicity of ways of using water, and plunging on it..The building is located as a plinth valuing the views of the mountains. The building wants to be respectful to the existing context, and understands that the vegetation and life at open air are the real protagonist. Two impressive trees that are in place are incorporated within the layout of the lounge, as if they were part of the program itself. The Tepoztlan Lounge is constructed in concrete not just for being a inexpensive and labor intensive material in Mexico and to minimize its maintenance, but also to expose its structural simplicity and neutrality towards the astonishing nature..”  Ample glazing, natural light, nature views; interesting form, interior volumes, details and site integration; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

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image: © Sandra Pereznieto; article: “Tepoztlan Lounge / Cadaval & Solà-Morales” 13 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. <;

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* Residential Architecture: Ucello Residence by Nicolás Vásquez

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 11 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Ucello Residence by Nicolás Vásquez: “..The context where this building is located, is an area where the soil is raw material for making bricks, where a clay pit used to be. We still find some traces of this industrial activity, as evidenced by the sunken park. Therefore, the material that defines the nature of the building is brick..The project exhibits its “pieces” through different architectural solutions, multiple but logical, thus showing the naturalness of the instruments that compose the architecture and construction processes..The building contains three maisonettes in a field of 9 meters wide by 18 meters deep, with a Capulín (a wild tree that gives small fruits) located right in the middle of the property. The schema of these three small maisonettes (two in two levels) refer to spatial queries raised by Le Corbusier..The project is a tectonic experimentation, which shows what is supported, private, public, and useful, all from Louis Kahn´s logic..Through the use of brick and its relation with the steel structure, a vigorous reference is made to the place and to some buildings in the area. The contrasting relation between these two materials is established with the help of a concrete vault system, adapted from the front of the property division into nine equal parts (91.5 inches) and three bays of approximately five meters deep..The glass in the windows tightens the abstract relationship between the windows and the brick, giving the building a contrasting balanced character..The connection to the street is accomplished with a porch that is generated to solve the access to the parking lot located in a semi-basement. This gate is defined by a marquee / jardiniere that articulates and separates the rooms of the first apartment from the main entrance and into the street, giving privacy because it is just 1.80 meters above the sidewalk..”  Ample glazing, natural light; contextual sensibility; interesting interior volumes, balconies, roof terrace…

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image: © Onnis Luque; article: Cifuentes, Fabian . “Ucello / Nicolás Vásquez” 09 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. <;

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