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Humanitarian Design & Architecture

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Plastiki cabin designed by Nathaniel Corum of Architects for Humanity

image: The Plastiki Crew/The New York Times

Alice Rawsthorn has written an interesting and, let’s say, enthusiastic, article entitled “A Font of Ideas From a ‘Nomadic’ Humanitarian Architect” in the Art & Design section of The New York Times looking at the “nomadic” architect and designer Nathaniel Corum, part of the Architecture for Humanity (AfH) organisation, and his rather far-ranging, activist, contributions, from, the Plastiki cabin, above, to a Navajo solar straw bale construction, below, and more.

A Navajo solar straw bale home in Arizona (USA) designed by Nathaniel Corum

image: Nathaniel Corum/The New York Times

Rawsthorn, in her article, also mentions the idea of  “humanitarian” design imperialism:  “An obscure field when he joined it, humanitarian design is now one of the most dynamic — and controversial — areas of design. Bruce Nussbaum, an influential American design commentator, recently posted a blog entitled: “Is humanitarian design the new imperialism?” in which he accused some humanitarian designers of imposing well-meant, but inappropriate solutions on developing countries.”

More on that very interesting subject in an upcoming post.

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