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* Residential Architecture: Caxinas House by AUZprojekt

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Caxinas House by AUZprojekt

Residential Architecture: Caxinas House by AUZprojekt: “..portuguese practice AUZprojekt has just shared with us images of their newest renovation in the small fishing town of vila do conde, Portugal, in a very dense urban context. the narrow rectangular plot contains an internal courtyard towards the back end and dictates the type and use of vertical circulation so as not to intrude excessively in the limited width available. a wing along the back side of the main volume extends the living areas that open to the private patio and creates another terrace on its rooftop..”  Interesting interior volumes and details..

image: courtesy of AUZprojekt; article: Designboom

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* Residential Architecture: C+P House by Gonçalo das Neves Nunes

Posted by the editors on Friday, 11 January 2013

C+P House by Gonçalo das Neves Nunes

Residential Architecture: C+P House by Gonçalo das Neves Nunes: “..The house intends to interpretate the relations between indoors and outdoors through yards, terraces, balconies and lightshade slabs. The implantation takes advantage of the plot’s morphology that permits two entrances (main and garage) at different altimentric levels..The house is apparently monolithic but it shows itself to South and East finding views and exposition. The main entrance is done through a recess in the Western façade where you can find a distribution area framed by a courtyard. The private zones are organized in the upper level and the social zones at the entrance level..As you go down to the garage level, that is partially underground, you find an exterior covered space that continues the social use of the house by its relation with the swimming pool..The facades are in Travertino stone and the slabs are marked by its beam boundary that is concrete coated. The lower level walls are in raw concrete. The interior comfort is sought by the Walnut wood panels and floors..”  Extensive glazing, natural light; indoor / outdoor and materials sensibility..

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image: © FG + SG; article: “C+P House / Gonçalo das Neves Nunes” 09 Jan 2013. ArchDaily.<;

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* Residential Architecture: House in Gerês by Correia/Ragazzi arquitectos

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 19 December 2012

House in Gerês by Correia-Ragazzi arquitectos

Residential Architecture: House in Gerês by Correia/Ragazzi arquitectos: “..The project of this house foresees both to reconstruct and augment a ruin into a weekend retreat at a plot with extraordinary morphological characteristics, within Cavado River and its tributary. The plot, of 4.060m2, is located in a protected natural area and has for conditions a concrete construction and the preservation of all trees. The constructive capacity was given by the existing ruin..Since the first visit of the site it was clear we were dealing with a delicate project. The project placement on the plot was essential given that the surroundings were the main reference for the construction.  Having practiced water-ski for 20 years, the river grounds the weekend house for the clients. For them, the exceptional outlook one enjoys should be an element of the house; for us, architects, should be an evident inside space value, but also, the opposite concern was relevant – the house could only act as a significant element on the landscape..Having identified the site, a pragmatic analyse of the circumstances was in order: the demands of the program were a house for a couple and child, a visitor’s suit preferably dislocated from the house as also should be the storehouse for the water-ski activities holding a shower, bathroom and storage area.  The area of the house, inevitably small, was specified by the reduced dimension of the pre-existent ruin. Thus, the first sketches of the solution appear in its dependence… Meanwhile, the fundamental decision revealed itself through the house orientation. Its final location on site, at right angles to the slop, seeks for a better relation with the plot and the platform where it “lays”, avoiding all trees and damage to the outside area. The weightless intervention enhanced by the overhanging part that shoots off the riverbank cliff maximizes the transparent appearance from the river reducing land occupancy..The house makes a dialectic reference to Malaparte House by Adalberto Libera and the remarkable table Less by Jean Nouvel, suggesting the constructive solution for the top of the hanging part..As a half-buried house in its relation to the main access it appears diminished; on the other hand, from the river it appears as a glass frame dissimulated on the vegetation. The relation established by the house and ruin defines both the access and the scale of the intervention, transforming the ruin into a constant presence from the inside of the house such as any other landscape element. The concrete plasticity in relation with the luxuriant flora was determinant, therefore the careful concrete cast drawing. This concrete volume with accessible roof was entirely covered with birch on the inside and has grey self-leveled pavement..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, nature views; cantilever; marvelous site; interesting form..

image: © Luis Ferreira Alves; article: Arthitectural

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* Residential Architecture: L23 House by Pitagoras Arquitectos

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 15 December 2012

L23 House by Pitagoras Arquitectos

Residential Architecture: L23 House by Pitagoras Arquitectos: ‘..The house is located on a higher point of the city oriented to West. On the East limit, where the municipal road gives access, features a rugged topography, due to the existence of a slope. Beyond the slope, the land develops with slight and constant pendant, longitudinally; like a promontory over the city. The house is delimited on the East by a concrete wall that erupts from the ground and sustains the higher lands – on the entry elevation. Behind the concrete wall, overcoming the different elevations of the land, a sloping course is designed, pedestrian and automobile access, to a first ground platform, where we find the entrance..Due to the accentuated difference between the street elevation (271.70) and the mean elevation of the main land platform, the house entrance is necessarily on the first floor, where exists a bigger proximity and easier access. This new platform receives the visitor on a large paved outdoor space, bordered on the North / West by a suspended volume, which contributes decisively to the volumetric characterization of the building..This volume is disposed transversely relatively to batch, supported by two volumes. Besides characterizing the arrival area, it hierarchizes the construction, establishing important links between the spaces that constitute the building. Since the arrival area and under the suspended volume, we anticipate a succession of open spaces, gardens, to the main ground platform, where a patio is drawn between the two volumes..Programmatically on the first floor, is the house main entrance, with the entrance hall and a staircase linking the two house floors. It is from the hall that are distributed on either side, the private spaces (bedrooms), and common spaces (living room and gym)..The bedrooms are organized in a succession of spaces open to a balcony over the patio. In the suspended volume is located an ample space for common use, with different living areas (work, study, reading, leisure …), and also a small gym connected to the indoor pool on the ground floor. Due to their orientation, these spaces emphasize the visual relationship with the more distant landscape, while enjoying the atmosphere created in the patio below..On the ground floor the program is distributed over the two volumes: one for the pool and the locker room; and the other for the social and services areas. The patio works as an exterior extension of the rooms space..Concerning the materials used, the apparent pigmented concrete defines the structural volume. As cover material for some facade panels was chosen the anthracite zinc..On external decks for car access, we opted for the basalt cube; on pedestrian tracks or living spaces, the predominant are the wood pallets, as an extension of the interior floors. The external casings are in black aluminum. The cover has a significant importance in the image of this house, as it is entirely visible from the entry of the lot. For this reason (but not only), we opted for a cover finished in porous concrete, in order to create a draining surface, totally uniform. Somehow is the cover itself that helps us understanding the volumetry of the building, which we discover as we move forward on the ground..”  Interesting form, interior volumes, materiality; extensive glazing, natural light; dark cladding..

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image: © Jose Campos; article: “L23 House / Pitagoras Arquitectos” 11 Dec 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 12 Dec 2012. <;

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