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* Architecture & Design: Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Announces 2013 National Design Awards Winners

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Announces 2013 National Design Awards Winners

Architecture & Design: Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Announces 2013 National Design Awards Winners: “..Now in its 14th year, the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards is continuing its legacy to recognize outstanding achievement across a variety of disciplines in the design community.  The awards were established to “promote design as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world”.  This year the recipients will be honored at a gala in October during National Design Week in New York City.  The goal of recognizing this achievements is to reinforce the idea that “everything around us is designed” and the potential for innovation and creation is present across all types of development. The winners of this year’s design awards were selected based on excellence, innovation and public impact..James Wines is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Wines is the founder and president of SITE, multidisciplinary studio based in New York City that develops site-specific structures that utilize information about the surrounding environment.  The work includes buildings, public space, environmental art, landscapes, master plans, interiors, video productions, graphics and product designs, all of which use the context to determine the design.  With projects numbering over 150 in 11 countries, Wines’ and SITE’s work has been highly influential in the design community..Michael Sorkin is honored with the Design Mind Award for his work in architecture at his practice, Michael Sorkin Studio; for his work in architectural and urban critique for Architectural Record and as professor at the City College of New York; and as an urbanist for his work with the non-profit organization Terreform which is dedicated to research and intervention of urban morphology..The popular non-profit organization that produces lectures covering issues of technology, entertainment and design – TED – is awarded the Corporate and Institutional Achievement.  The talks cover a wide range of disciplines and have grown exponentially in popularity since its beginnings in 1984.  To promote local outreach, TED has also developed the TEDx talks which allows individuals to independently organize events in their communities..The Architecture Design Award is going to Studio Gang Architects, a Chicago-based collective that uses design to connect with and respond to contemporary issues.  Each project addresses the individual cultural and environmental concerns of the site, using specific strategies to deal with global issues of urbanization, climate and sustainability.  The projects cover a range of scale and scope, from individual building towers to infrastructure and public space..Graphic Designer Paula Scher is recognized for the Communication Design for her work with “iconic, smart and accessible images”.  Her work uses typography to develop images that have meaning and evoke feeling.  Her work is highly recognizable and has been used for environmental graphics, packing, publications and branding systems..Fashion Designer Behnaz Sarafpour is being recognized for her work in elegant and innovative textiles.  Her collection blends high design with affordability, while consciously choosing organically produced materials for her designs..Media design firm, Local Projects, is being recognized for Interaction Design.  The firm specializes in work for museums and public spaces and has been creating work for the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  It is being awarded for its use of physical space and interactive design to create collaborative storytelling projects..Aidlin Darling Design is the recipient of the Interior Design award for the studios interest in designing spaces for all five sense.  The studio functions as a hub for collaborators of many disciplines, including builders, fabricators, artists, engineers, and chefs..Margie Ruddick work is being recognized for the Landscape Architecture award for her pioneering approach in incorporating ecology into the urban landscape.  Ruddick is also an author and professor whose work has gained international acclaim and is likely an inspiration in today’s desire to design environmentally conscious sites in modern cities..NewDealDesign is honored with the Product Design award.  The multidisciplinary firm collaborates with industrial, graphic and interaction designers to create innovative products “dedicated to helping people live better everyday”. (via

See our post on another project by Studio Gang Architects: Solar Carve Tower by Studio Gang Architects in New York City, next to the High Line linear park.

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image: Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre by Studio Gang Architects by Greg Murphy; article: Vinnitskaya , Irina. “Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Announces 2013 National Design Awards Winners” 10 May 2013. ArchDaily


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* Architecture + Design: Design Icon: Michael Graves by Gary Nadeau (Video)

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 5 May 2012

Architecture + Design: Design Icon: Michael Graves by Gary Nadeau (Video): “..Dwell have shared their short film featuring the legendary Michael Graves inside his beautiful Princeton home in which he created out of a disused warehouse. In the film, Graves shares the discoveries he made when renovating his house and thoughts about his career, his practice and universal design..”  Poignant, insightful, inspiring..The film was directed and edited by Gary Nadeau.

See our post on Michael Graves: Michael Graves – Architect & Designer – If It’s Going to Get Designed, Let’s Do It Well.

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image: Gary Nadeau, Dwell, ArchDaily; article: Rosenfield , Karissa . “Design Icon: Michael Graves / Gary Nadeau” 03 May 2012. ArchDaily. <;

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* Design: Exhibitions: ‘Born Out of Necessity’ at MoMA – Mother of Invention, Cousin of Design, by Roberta Smith

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Final Home 44-pocket parka

Design: Exhibitions: ‘Born Out of Necessity” at MoMA – Mother of Invention, Cousin of Design, by Roberta Smith: “..Most of the designs here fall somewhere between life-and-death necessity and modern-living convenience, but the more pressing the need, the more intriguing they tend to be. Especially so are simple objects that help relieve pervasive life-thwarting conditions..Design has a history, but at its best it also is history, telling the story of human growth, social change and expanding capacity.”

According to MoMA: Born out of Necessity – Showcasing objects that adhere to the traditional view of design as a tool for problem-solving, Born out of Necessity offers close examination of the problems themselves—whether urgent, foreseen, or imagined. From objects that respond to pressing needs in developing countries to new solutions that are tailored to the urban environment, the exhibition examines how design intervenes across a range of experiences, including medical emergencies and natural disasters. Other objects demonstrate how products created to address specific challenges for people with disabilities can provide solutions that improve everyone’s life. Drawing on the narrative power of design, Born out of Necessityaddresses a host of complex cultural developments, such as the need to incorporate environmental responsibility in everyday life, our attempts to marry ancient religious beliefs with contemporary mores, and the desire to anticipate and prevent technological and ecological quagmires.”  Through 28 January 2013,

Slideshow, accompanying the article ‘Mother of Invention, Cousin of Design’ by Roberta Smith, here

image: Richard Perry/The New York Times

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* Design: Salone del Mobile Milan 2012: Dezeen Studio: Saturday at MOST

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 21 April 2012

Design: Salone del Mobile Milan 2012: Dezeen Studio: Saturday at MOST: ..From Faye Toogood of Studio Toogood waxing touchy-feely feel-good, to an interview with the editor-in-chief of the magnificent DOMUS, Joseph Grima, who talks about collaborative design, hacking, crowd-sourcing, open design and the “reflective” mood of this year’s mega-event, to a quick look through British design brand SCP’s offering..and, of course, more..

image, article + video: Dezeen

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