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* Residential Architecture: Skirt + Rock House by MCK Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 9 April 2012

Residential Architecture: Skirt + Rock House by MCK Architects: “..The existing gardens contained two large eucalypts that greet you on your rise up the hill, and a large rock that sat in the hill to the rear of the house, which became our focal and pivotal natural element in the new composition..With the underlying philosophy of relative modesty, the new form is setback, maintaining existing amenity enjoyed by neighbours. First floor accommodation is concealed in the black roof form, providing a recessive appearance from the street, nestling into the landscape..We arrived at the double height central void early in the design, as it allowed access to desired sunlight, air and connection to the landscape, with our ‘rock’ becoming a feature in the lounge room. The shingled roof contains the void and envelops a parent’s suite and gallery library/study. It rests on two legs at opposite corners of the building allowing possibility of a clear opening to the garden and pond at this level..”  Sensitivity to landscape and environmental context, extensive glazing, abundant natural light, sociability and privacy..

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image: © Richard Glover; article: Ross , Kritiana . “Skirt + Rock House / MCK Architects” 08 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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