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* Residential Architecture: Bunker House by Estudio Botteri-Connell

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bunker House by Estudio Botteri-Connell

Residential Architecture: Bunker House by Estudio Botteri-Connell: “..The house has been built in a suburban neighbourhood and has been thought for someone who will live there permanently and whose children, friends and couple will visit them from time to time. From meetings with the client, many concepts arise that seek architectonical answers: “a house which can integrate social life in direct relation with the outside, having a space in it which hosts and protects intimacy. A space where one can stay while the rest of the house remains asleep. An introspection space; a temporal oasis.”..In response to these concepts, at first sight the house is built along two different elements: the Bunker that is solid, hermetic, almost impenetrable; and the open, permeable Action area  that dissolves  the limits in constant movement..The Bunker is a singular poetic image, a primitive shelter, a home for lonely dreams and an intimate  space. Practically void of the outside, it “opens up” a larger universe, holding  the Dweller in their complete reality. The Bunker presents itself to the outside as stony, still, immemorial as a carved rock. However, there are lines that cross it through, that mold it and engrave it…GRAVITY, LIGHT, WATER and AIR outline TIME and SPACE. Its inside layout- “heartbeats of the one who lives in it”- defines a warm, soft and expandable heart… Geometry is surpassed..The spiral staircase stops being a mere connection element between distant points to become an entrance to a cosmic and mysterious universe, an escape from ordinary life from time to time and a feeling of “ascension” drawn by the development of the axial focus… The Infinite..The Action Plan – made up of transparent membranes, white walls and  large tiling surfaces-defines  areas embedded in a larger one which in fact are  the actual  limits of  the  plot of land. The neutral Green and its different degrees of seizure. The Water, with its leading role in everyday life, is sometimes a mirror and sometimes entertainment but always a connection between the World and ME. The Light passes gently through the concrete walls. The Gravity permanently facing challenge..And there come Lines Again: Family Lines, Friendship Lines and Work Lines making space  constantly flow. It is a place for social life. Among them, overlooking the scene, concrete walls rise..”  Interesting form, at times elongated rectangular geometry; extensive glazing, natural light; indoor / outdoor sensibility.. don’t be put off by the architect’s description; many interesting details and features..

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image: © Gustavo Sosa Pinilla; article: “Bunker House / Estudio Botteri-Connell” 27 Feb 2013. ArchDaily

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* Architecture: Adriana Varejão Gallery by Tacoa Arquitetos

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 26 January 2013

Adriana Varejão Gallery by Tacoa Arquitetos

Architecture: Adriana Varejão Gallery by Tacoa Arquitetos: “..Inhotim Centro de Arte Contemporânea is located in Brumadinho, a village near Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. A personal initiative of the mining industry businessman Bernardo Paz, the museum has an unusual architectural concept. Instead of sum up all its installations into a unique building, it is composed of many pavilions spread out in a park of approximately 35 hectares..The Adriana Varejão Gallery was commissioned to shelter two works of the artist acquired by the museum and exhibited at Cartier Foundation: the sculpture Linda do Rosário and the polyptych Celacanto Provoca Maremoto (with the further development of the project, the artist created another four works for the building). The project should occupy a hillside with a small slope (typical of the topography of Minas Gerais, composed of old and smooth hills) partially surrounded by the native forest, an area formerly used to store containers. The original topography was modified for this new use: a huge displacement of earth has cut it, creating the great horizontal plane necessary to the storage..The orientation of the project aimed to recompose the site’s original topography and inserting on it an artificial element: a regular block in reinforced concrete (prestressed wasn’t necessary), partially inserted in the hillside. The building structure is composed by an irregular retaining wall that gains the space in the ground floor and receives the loads of the block, in its deepest part, through two beams, in the middle, through 4 columns integrated in the wall..The building was also conceived as a spiral path that connects two different levels of the park, alternating moments of contraction/passage and expansion/exhibition: from the ground floor, (1, contraction) in the middle of the water pound, in a narrow promenade, away from the building; (2 expansion: Varejão’s piece Panacea Phantastica, a tile bench with drawings of hallucinatory plants) The small square plaza of the groundfloor; (3 contraction) The promenade turns to the building; (4 expansion: the sculpture Linda do Rosário and the paiting The Collector) the ground floor, inside the hill, below the concrete block; (5 contraction) The stairs; (6 expansion, the polyptych Celacanto provoca maremoto) The first pavement, inside the concrete block; (7 contraction) The ramp; (8 expansion: another tile bench, now with drawings of birds, Passarinhos-from Inhotim to Demini) The terrace, above the concrete block; (9 contraction) The bridge. And vice versa..”  Interesting form; contextual, materials, interior volume sensibility..

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image: © Eduardo Eckenfels; article: “Adriana Varejão Gallery / Tacoa Arquitetos” 20 Jan 2013. ArchDaily.

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* Residential Architecture: Caburé House by Nómade Architects

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Caburé House by Nómade Architects

Residential Architecture: Caburé House by Nómade Architects: “..This single-family housing project of 130 m² is located in the ecological place Los Huemules, at 10 km from the town of El Chalten in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. Nature was the protagonist when designing the place. The house follows the scale of the forest as well as the forest participates within the common areas. The house has a light footfall, as it is raised 45cm from the natural 0.00, thus trying to avoid a violent encounter between the natural and the artificial..The house is located in an enclosed space, which accepts the spatial flexibility required in order to have comfortable areas. The design shows a clear separation between public and private spaces, each with its relevant constraints. The simple resolution plan provides a fluid space between the main spaces of everyday use..This contemporary house is warm and traditional and has wood and metal cladding. The facades don’t compromise the overall harmony of the composition. There is a volumetric effort to maintain an horizontal scale by creating a link between the large space below the natural foliage of the beech and the house..The traditional wooden construction system on a concrete slab provided fast materialization and safe housing. The chosen materials solve the desired isolation from weather and also provide the spatial and textural warmth..Upon request and interest of the designers the house responds to environmental awareness. The wood used for construction is certified ensuring the preservation of forests, which was treated with burned oil for protection and durability. The road leading to the house seeks to preserve as much vegetation as possible, thus maintaining its ecological linearity and preserves the natural protection from high winds in the area..”  Lovely site; extensive glazing, natural light and views; interesting materiality and interior volumes..

image: Courtesy of Nómade Architects; article: “Caburé House / Nómade Architects” 12 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Jan 2013.

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* Residential Architecture: Casa Mirador by Matias Zegers by Cristobal Palma

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Casa Mirador by Matias Zegers by Cristobal Palma

Residential Architecture: Casa Mirador by Matias Zegers by Cristobal Palma: “..After collaborating with Rick Joy on projects all over the US for over three years, Matías Zegers went back to Chile and founded Matías Zegers Architects. Last year, this Guest Pavilion, located in the Casas del Bosque winery in the Casablanca Valley, was finished. Cristobal Palma has filmed this beautiful video, showing how the simple yet very powerful house overlooks the vineyards..

 (1974, Oxford, UK): Based in Santiago, Chile, Cristobal’s work spans architecture, urban and documentary photography. He studied at London’s Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), and his work has been published in numerous titles internationally, with recent commissions by: The New York Times, Monocle, Wallpaper, Domus, Dwell and Architectural Digest. He lives in Santiago, Chile, and works both with architects in Chile and abroad. Follow Cristobal on twitter @EstudioPalma and his new and renovated Facebook Fan Page..”

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image: Cristobal Palma; article: Saieh , Nico. “Casa Mirador / Matias Zegers by Cristobal Palma” 10 Jan 2013. ArchDaily.>

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