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* Architecture: Annexe of the Art Gallery of Ballarat by Searle x Waldron Architecture

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Architecture: Annexe of the Art Gallery of Ballarat by Searle x Waldron Architecture: “.. a dramatic roof form extends beyond the building’s footprint, addressing alfred daekin place and the historic camp street. comprised of a linear composition of timber struts, the canopy filters dappled daylight onto the ground plane while framing outward views of the encompassing campus. the multi-purpose space accommodates talks, workshops, installations and gallery events. an operable glass facade may be opened, transforming the area into a bandstand for concerts to the public..two columns support the triangular awnings of the cantilevered roof, protecting a series of concrete steps which double as seating. inside, four peaks overhead are formed with perpendicular and inclined faces containing skylights to reflect a diffused light downwards into the gallery. varied gaps within the timber boards and acoustical insulation behind modulate the sounds within the space during events. fluorescent slot lights and tracks are recessed into the ceiling. along the perimeter windows, an open weave curtain may be drawn closed to soften the southern glare..”  Distinctly contemporary, especially in its context; extensive glazing, lightwells, social sensibility..

image: © john gollings, courtesy of searle x waldron architecture; article: Designboom

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