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* Residential Architecture: Bologna Guest House by Enrico Iascone Architects

Posted by the editors on Friday, 6 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Bologna Guest House by Enrico Iascone Architects: “ a forest of oaks, ash and maple trees, in bologna. at its place today, a small house is hosted on two levels, conceived like modern architecture adapting itself to the landscape with innovative and contemporary style, where its compact volume embedded in the land that takes advantage of the characteristics of the ground and the place. the use of prefabricated wood panels has allowed an express development of the yard, which lasted little more than four months, conjugating technical, stylistic and architectonic needs and affording a strong interaction with the ground. the walls are ventilated and thermally isolated, covered with wood panels in the same color of the surrounding trees. the same material is used for the inclined cover, while the flat cover of the main body ends with a layer of gravel. its front elevation perspective opens light holes that respect the dimension of the panels, while on the lateral fronts there are large windows that integrate nature and the building. the interior is simple and linear while for external details and walls of control are used chalk blocks from the yard workings..”  Marvelous.  Extensive glazing, wonderful, rather idiosyncratic, fenestration, contextual and colouristic sensibility,wood cladding,  lovely site, contemporary Italian interior sensibility, natural light, views, nature..

See our post on another home by Enrico Iascone Architects: Residential Architecture: Private House by Enrico Iascone Architects.

image: Courtesy of Enrico Iascone Architects; article: Designboom

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