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* Residential Architecture: Auto-Family House by Kwk Promes

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 23 September 2012

Residential Architecture: Auto-Family House by Kwk Promes: “..since the advent of the car, its presence in our lives becomes increasingly substantial, especially as the population migrates away from the city and needs to commute. Polish firm kwk promes is nearing completion on the ‘auto-family house,’ a new single-family housing typology that incorporates the automobile into the ‘clean’ living space, making it an equally important and present fixture within the residence..the client of this particular dwelling, an avid art collector, wanted a fluid space where the line between living and art could be erased, an idea which inspired the complete integration of the personal vehicle directly into the habitable program. a rectangular mass grows out of the ground, wraps around and continues above the green plinth. long stretched volumes display artwork in what can also be considered the reinterpreted driveway. concrete shear walls and one-way slabs support a green roof that creates a seamless transition on the site. the street level contains the garage door and driveway, which act as the new ‘main entry’ while public spaces are located on the elevated grass volume, and private bedrooms on the top floor overlooking the entrance to the site..”

image: courtesy of kwk promes; article: Designboom

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